Alum Lake

Alum lake 

Area is opened from 1. 7. 2016 to 2. 10. 2016. 

Opening time: 

Mondy - Sunday: 09:00 - 19:00

Autocamp - reception desk: 08:00 - 20:00 

Minigolf: 9:00 - 21.00 hod. (from 29.8. 9.00– 19.00)


Adult: 40 CZK/day 

Children under five: free 

Children 5 - 15 years, seniors, disabled: 30 CZK/day 


Reception: +420 777 187 843


For more info please visit: 

The recreational area of Alum Lake has always been, especially in summer, a magnet for all visitors coming to the city. Kamencove Lake is proclaimed as the world’s only alum lake. It was formed by flooding mines in which alum and sulphur were exploited during the years 1558–1785. It covers an area of 15.95 ha, is 240 m at its widest point and 676 m long, its maximum depth is 3.4 m. The chemical composition of the water prevents organic life from thriving, except for protozoa. However, it is good for people’s health – thanks to its health-giving properties.

You are sure to find here anything you need to make your vacation as pleasant as possible. Sandy beaches and grassy banks along with well-kept piers make it possible for you to feel comfortable while sunbathing and swimming. Do not pass up the opportunity to spend your vacation actively along with a wide range of leisure and sports facilities, such as water skiing. The local circuit is 780 m long and is regarded as the Czech Republic’s longest.

The Alum Lake legend

The fame of the Alum Lake was predicted by Chomutov centennial prophet Suchý Merten, who in the 15th century said: “on the field, enclosed from three sides in a basin, hides great treasure. It will feed many families for a long time.” Many people tried to find a treasure but they failed. Local butcher, Lazar Grohman, discovered the treasure when he was on his way home from Červený Hrádek and got caught in a sudden storm. At midnight, lightning struck a place where a beautiful fairy appeared. She revealed that if he starts digging in the location the next night, he will find great wealth and happiness. Nevertheless, he must invite people to help and share everything justly otherwise the goats will take treasure to an unknown place. Grohman did as she said and found alum and sulphur soil close to the surface. He established an alum mine for the benefit of himself and the whole town. The greed of a later mine owner resulted in its destruction. When the workers found a thick bed of alum soil, water stream appeared in the way and gradually flooded the whole mine. The Alum Lake appeared in the sink, which provides a living for many families as predicted.

open: 01.05. – 30.09.
opening hours: 09.00 – 19.00 hod.

entrance fee: 12-20 CZK

getting there:
on foot about 15 min. from centre,
bus – no. 3,
Chomutov-město train station
Disabled access

Entertainment in the area

  • outdoor cinema
  • the Wildlife park
  • the night safari express departs from the reception


  • health-giving waters
  • beaches, piers
  • slides
  • showers
  • changing rooms near beaches
  • separate nudist beach
  • boat and pedal boat hire
  • water attractions

Accommodation, eating out

  • camping – tents, caravans
  • chalets
  • hotel U Jezera
  • hos­tel
  • restau­rants
  • kiosks
  • refreshments


  • water skiing (the longest racetrack in the Czech Republic)
  • mini golf
  • tennis
  • table tennis
  • foot volleyball
  • volleyball
  • beach volleyball
  • streetboard
  • artificial ice surface
  • skittles
  • Golf Club

Phone: +420 777 187 843