Bezruč‘s Valley

This is the deepest and longest valley in Krušné hory mountains, which due to its natural value was declared the Nature Park of Bezruč Valley in Spring 2002. A part of the park is made up of natural areas of valley slopes and fluvial plain of the Chomutovka River, but the core part is the wilderness area Novodomské rašeliniště (Novodomske peat bog), a further wilderness area called Buky nad Kameničkou (Beeches over Kamenička) and the nature sanctuary Krásná Lípa (Beautiful Lime Tree). This valuable natural environment is directly connected with the residential formation Chomutov-Jirkov and joins the town with excursion destinations in Krušné hory by means of marked walking paths and bike-routes. Walking and bike treks to Hora sv. Šebestiána (St. Sebastian’s Mountain), Načetín, Kalek and via Blatno to Jirkov and back to Chomutov is possible from the valley. The park area is approximately 6,500 ha. The height above sea level is within 380–850 m.


  • nature park
  • recreation zone
  • walking paths
  • cycling-routes
  • nature trail

Accommodation and board

  • Family hotel and restaurant První mlýn (First Mill)
  • Car-camping Druhý mlýn (Second Mill – hostel, restaurant)

Matters of interest and technical monuments

  • Novodomské rašeliniště (Novodomské peat bog)
  • Buky nad Kameničkou (Beeches over Kamenička)
  • Krásná Lípa (Beautiful Lime Tree), (there are a few objects of outer fortification from 1933)
  • remainders of the small castle of Hausberk from the beginning of the 14th century (outstanding view)
  • two valley mills
  • water structures: Křimov and Kamenička with its stone dike from 1904)

Cycling routes