Nature Trails

Bezruč‘s valley nature trail

Six kilometres long nature trail introduces the diverse countryside of the Bezruč‘s Valley Nature park. The nature tail starts on the field above the Hřebíkárna pond and follows the right river bank of Chmutovka river to the place of former Third Dolský mill.

The information board is placed in 6 resting places and introduces the following nature attractions:

1. Forests with their flora and fauna; 2. Peat bogs of mixed forest; 3. Animals living in this part of the Ore mountains; 4. Flooded forest ; 5. Spruce monoculture , 6. Meadows in the Ore mountains.

Gerstner‘s nature trail

The nature trail is dedicated to the most famous Chomutov native – Knight Prof. Dr. František Josef Gerstner (born on 22.02.1756 in Chomutov and died on 25.06.1832 in Mladějov at Jičín). Gerstner was the founder of Polytechnic School in Prague, Director of the Bohemian waterways, and the construction engineer of the first horse-trail from České Budějovice to Linz. In 1810, he was ennobled for his ­contributions.

The information board at stop no. 1 is placed directly in the former Jesuit Grammar School (currently the Centre of the library and culture services), where Gerstner studied. The board presents us the basic ­Gerstner’s biography. The board at the stop no. 2 is placed in the location of medieval millrace (in the vicinity of the city theatre). The board presents the pedagogical activities of František Josef Gerstner and his most important treatise titled “Příručka mechaniky” (“Handbook of Mechanics”). The stop no. 3 is located in area of former railway station of Duchcov-Podmokly railway . We will learn about the construction of the first horse-trail, constructed by Gerstner and about Chomutov as significant railway centre.