Historical Monuments

In 1992, Chomutov historical centre was listed as a city protected architectural area. The city centre maintained the ground plan from the middle ages, which was typical for a market settlement. The original network of streets is still maintained; it was distrupted only in the area of Žižkovo Square. In 2008, the area was subjected to a large archaeological survey prior to constructing new apartments and a shopping centre. 1.máje Square is particularly interesting for its city houses with archways with late gothic cell-vaults. The dominant feature in the northern part of the square is the City Tower attached to the Church of Ascension of the Virgin Mary. The most valuable historical monument in Chomutov, the early gothic St. Catherine´s Church, is located on the opposite side of the square. The historical City Hall is attached to the church. The southern part of the historical centre includes the former premises of the Jesuit College and the Grammar School, St . Ignatius´s Church and Špejchar building. The protected architectural area is completed with the Church of Saint Spirit in Hálkova Street.