Places of Natural Interest in the neighbourhood

Chomutov urban housing connects to the nature resort Bezruč Valley, the longest and deepest valley in the Ore Mountains.

The Prunéřov Brook valley nature resort is recognized for its kept forests; from the Hasištejn Castle ruin we can enjoy diverse geological formations.

Hradiště u Černovic Hill provides a unique view. The 10 metre thick slab with numerous prints of tertiary plants is protected as a natural conservation area.

The Střezovská rokle conservation area displays the strong erosion activity of water. We can discover rare and protected plants there.

The national natural resort Úhošť table mountain above Ohře includes many protected plants and animals. It provides a nature trail.

Jezerka Nature Resort protects the best preserved mixed forest in the southern slopes of the eastern Ore Mountains.

Nechranice Valley Reservoir is a recognized leisure centre. The Běšického chochol and Čachovický Hill area is a protected nature resort due to the protected types of thermophile plants and animals.

The Sphinx rock formation is located under the village of Měděnec with a view of the sub Ore Mountains area.